About Us

123We are an extremely hard working, adaptable and dynamic team, together with many years experience in the research chemical field. We associate with the most prominent and some of the largest, most widely regarded companies worldwide. Our supplies come only through regulated pharma companies who always adhere to the highest possible standards, our suppliers are trustworthy, produce the safest products and above all are always reliable.

We always take a great pride in looking after our new and our regular customers, we place customer satisfaction as highest priority to be upheld, regardless of what obstacles are associated. We look forward to dealing with with big and small customers worldwide with varying demands and ensure that the customers best wishes are always closely held by us. We continue to pick and choose our associates carefully and deal only with the very best and those companies that can be relied upon to deliver far superior results.






Terms – International Customers are responsible for checking the legal status within their own country of the products they wish to order before purchasing. While all products are 100% legal in the United Kingdom, laws regarding these products differ from country to country.

Products sold by us are for research purposes only. Products are not, and will not, be supplied for resale or for personal consumption, oral or otherwise.

18+ Only.







Our Acid Trip Blotters  contain RH 34 - 3-[2-(2-methoxybenzylamino)ethyl]-1H-quinazoline-2,4-dione  - A legal newly created and improved LSD chemical.